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orgel1As a German-speaking church in the USA St. Paul's has always seen itself obliged to the rich history and variety of German church music. A major part of this tradition was accomplished by the magnificent organ of the church. On July 8th 1897 the church assembly decided to buy a new organ for its third church on 22nd street. The world reknown company »Jardine & Son« built the organ. It cost $ 3140 at the time.

Lena1The „Jardine-organ Nr. 1246“ has two manuals, 12 registers in its main part (lower manual) and 13 registers in the swell (upper manual). The pedal has 3 registers.

In 1994 the church decided to entrust James Konzelman with the project of restoration and tonal refinement to improve the characteristics while maintaining the romatic nature of the instrument. The sound of the organ can be described as warm, rich and vibrant. It is especially suitable for music compostions of the Barock but also of the romantic period.

Many historically significant concerts have been performed in St. Paul's. After the second world war the christmas concerts became famous and were a great means of fund raising for the war-broken and ailing Germany.

Lena2Our organist Maria Helena Tharp understands to lure the most out of this fascinating instrument and unfold all the richness of its sound. Many CD's have been produced on this organ - they can be ordered through our church office.

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Listen to the organ of St- Paul's...

The disposition of the organ:

Great: Swell: Pedal:
Double Open Diapason 16’ Bourdon Bass 16’ Open Diapason 16’
Open Diapason 8’ Bourdon Treble 16’ Bourdon 16’ 
Gamba 8’ Open Diapason 8’ Violoncello 8’
Melodia 8’ Stopped Diapason 8’  
Dulciana 8’ Viole d’Orchestre 8’  
Doppelflöte 8’ Aeoline 8’ (repl. by GT Piccolo 2')  
Flûte Harmonique 4’ Voix Celéste 8’  
Prinzipal 4’ Violine 4’


Swell to Great-Great to Pedal-Swell to Pedal

Combination Pedals:

1. Swell Piano*  2. Swell Mezzo Forte*  3. Swell Forte*  4. Swell Full*  5. Great Piano  6. Great Mezzo Forte  7. Great Full


Oktave Quint 3’ Dolce Cornet 3fach  
Piccolo 2’( Principal 2') Cornopean 8’  
Mixtur 3fach Oboe 8’(TC)  
Trumpet 8’ Bassoon 8’ (Bass)  

Enjoy organ music in its infinite variety each week on PIPEDREAMS from American Public Media htpp://

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